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A Living Library

Atoll has an extensive, living library of coral, organized by genus and species.

Each coral page in the library has scientific info as well as important hobby information about what conditions are necessary to keep the coral healthy.

Browse through beautiful coral images to find new ones that might fit well in your reef tank, or get information on coral you already own.

Where it all started

There are thousands of corals around the world. Many are similar or have so many variations its difficult to identify them. Atoll was born to solve this problem in a unified helpful way.

Along the way we realized that not only identifying coral but learning about them was important. Reef tank hobbyists, amateur divers, and budding scientists all have something to gain from a library of coral that is constantly growing.

There are a few books and guides on how to identify coral and people would fairly often post coral images on message boards on the internet, but there wasn’t any organized or easy way of getting a coral identified.

Atoll was a the result of an idea to provide people with a coral library, allow them to photograph a coral and have the aquatic community help identify it. The newly identified coral would be added to the library for easy future reference and allow the library to grow over time.

To the Community

One of the best aspects of the marine hobby we have discovered while working on Atoll is the community. Everyone has been extremely generous and helpful with finding photography and data for the coral in Atoll.

Local fish stores have been gracious and letting us photograph their coral without a second thought. We spoke to folks at MACNA 2015 and everyone was extremely helpful with feedback and information about the app we wanted to create.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped in the testing process and everyone who has provided valuable help and feedback! Atoll is now available in iTunes for download! We hope that you will all continue to give us feedback on ways to make Atoll even better.

So, thank you hobbyists.

Atoll is here.

Coral Identification

Have a coral, but don’t know what it is? Submit a photo of the coral in Atoll for other users to help identify.

Users can vote on what coral they think an image is and help the submitter narrow it down to a particular genus, and if they know the species help identify that as well.

Once a user’s submission has received enough votes, the name of the coral will appear below your submission, and you can tap it to bring up that coral’s library page.

Atoll App Coral Identification

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